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Can the history of Holocaut be repeated?

We think that the same history can be repeated because even until today racism to other groups of people are still existing. The same events had already happened. For example the Rwanda Genocide happened in 1994 and for both the Holocaust and this event is that both races wanted to get rid of another group of people in this case it was the Germans and the Hutus. The Germans wants to destroyed all the Jews because they believed that they are the only superior race and most importantly they believes that the all the damage that Germany faced are all the Jews fault. For the same reason, the hutus want to get rid of the Tutsis because throughout the history, the Tutsis had higher power and they have less population than the Hutus. Because of the power, the Hutus began to hate the Tutsis and jealousy also appeared.

The history of the Holocaust will not be repeated, but similar incidents will happen again. Until today, violence, racial discrimination, and prejudice still exist. The Holocaust was a genocide and in history this extinction did not occur only once. The cambodian genocide is not related racial discrimination compare to the holocaust. The cambodian genocide can be considered as the most recent massacre in the modern time. Similar to the holocaust innocent people were killed, but not other foreign people, it their own people. Just like the holocaust, they have camps , being prison. In four years such a genocide lead to 1.7 to 2 million deaths. The holocaust has the Nazis polices, so as the cambodian genocide, they have Khmer Rough.