This page is about the causes of the Holocaust.

Hitler Rise To Power!!!!!

Hilter's rise to power began when he join and invoved with the Deutsche Arbeiterspartei, which later became the Nazi Party. Believe it or not, Hitler was an outstanding speaker, soon he recognized that he was one of the best speaker in the party and eventually he asked the members to elect him as their leader.

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The Rise Of The Nazi Party!!!

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The harsh condition Germany faced in the early 1930s made a tremendous contribution to the rise of Hitler's Nazi Party because during that time the Germans are eaer to have a strong leader to guide them. They believe that the German government is too weak and the action of Bruning, the chanellor will only made Germany nation suffers more. Due to the unfair agreement of the "Treaty of Versailles" and the Great Depression, many people in Germany face enormous financial problems, and these had only gotten worst. The Nazi sees as an opportunity to gain support of the people by putting propaganda campaign that specifically against all the problems Germany are facing, the poor and suffering. Finally the Nazi rose from only 12 seats in 1928 and ending up having 230 seats and become the largest party in 1932.

Hitler's Takeover!!!

Although the Nazi became very powerful, they did lost almost 2 million votes in the 1932 in the election. This means that they only have 33% of the votes. A guy named Papan want to become the prime minster and feel onfident that he can control Hitler. He also persuade Hindenburg to form an alliance with the Nazi and select Hitler as the chancellor. When Hitler finally seized power, he negotiated with Congress members to give him temporary "emergency" power for four years, enabling him to proceed without the consent of the parliament or the German constitution. While the negotiations are ongoing, his large-scale military forces revolve around the parliament to threaten the war if they refuse. They don't have too many choices, they can only grant him.

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